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AKAI force

Standalone Music Production /DJ Performance System. 8 x 8 Clip Launch Matrix with RGB LEDs. 7" Colour Capacitive Multitouch Display. Mic/Instrument/Line Inputs, 4 outputs. MIDI In/Out/Thru. 4 Configurable CV/ Gate outputs. 8 Touch-Sensitive knobs with GUI feedback. Remix, mash-up, DJ and produce with 6 Track types for complete audio / MIDI / CV sequencing and performance capability. Performance Mo..



The LPK25 laptop performance keyboard is a USB-MIDI controller for musicians, producers, DJs and other music creators. It measures less than 13 inches across and weighs less than a pound to easily fit into a laptop case, backpack or messenger bag for extreme portability...






Get the control feel of the MPC in a super-portable compact instrument with the Akai MPD18 USB MIDI Pad Controller. This MIDI-over-USB pad controller is for DJs, programmers, producers, and other musicians. Built around the pads and controls from Akai industrystandard MPC series, the Akai MPD18 is an expressive and intuitive instrument for the studio and stage...


Akai MPD226

Choose Your Weapon: Building on the success of the original, the feature-packed MPD2 Series gives you amazing creative musical ammo with Thick Fat backlit MPC pads, improved controls and new bundled softwareOK, it was a tall order. We admit it. People loved the original MPDs so much that we didn’t want to mess with success.But we did.The MPD2 Series is a product of over six years of detailed custo..


Akai MPD226

Portable DAW USB MIDI Controller. 8 Individual line faders and master fader, 24 control knobs arranged 3 per channel and 1 to 1 mapping with Ableton Live. 16 Buttons arranged in 2 banks provide mute, solo and record arm functionality per channel. Includes Ableton Live Lite..



16 velocity- and pressure-sensitive RGB MPC pads, 4 pad banks access 64 samples, 8 assignable faders, 8 Q-Link knobs, 8 Q-Link buttons, 3 Q-Link banks for a total of 72 parameter controls, 64-part 32-step sequencer, MIDI In and Out jacks. Class-compliant USB-powered, factory DAW presets, user-assignable DAW presets. Ableton Live Lite, Akai Pro MPC Essentials included..



25 semi-weighted, full-size keys with aftertouch, 8 RGB MPC pads each with 4 banks for 32 pads, 12 assignable Q-Link controllers, 8 control knobs, 4 backlit buttons. Control layout with backlit LCD screen. iOS compatibility, transport and parameter controls. USB power and plug-and-play. Included: Ableton Live Lite, Hybrid 3 by AIR Music Tech, SONiVOX Twist 2.0 & Akai Pro MPC Essentials..



V3 of the World’s best-selling MIDI controller. Improved 25 synth-action mini keys, 8 backlit velocity-sensitive mini MPC pads with Note Repeat & Full Level, 4-way thumb stick for dynamic pitch and modulation control, 8 assignable Q-Link knobs for mixing, tweaking plug-ins, and more. Built-in arpeggiator, Ultra compact design, USB-powered. Available in Black, White and Red..



Record and play back stereo .WAV samples using SD card. 16 MPC pads for sample-triggering and finger drumming, Sample via 1/4-inch stereo inputs or onboard stereo microphone. Pro-quality sampling and playback up to 16-bit/48 kHz. Powered over USB or included power supply. Includes MPX File Conversion Utility software for quick conversion and loading of audio files..


Akai Professional Fire Controller FL Studio

The new Akai Professional Fire represents the first of its kind, a dedicated hardware controller for the FL Studio Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) platform. Created in close partnership with Image-Line, Fire is a high-performance tool designed to enhance the workflow and music-creating experience for all FL Studio producers. Fire features a dedicated browser function to navigate, audition and load..


Akai – APC Key25 Compact

ADDITIONAL FEATURESAbleton Live controller with built-in performance keyboardSeamlessly integrates 1 to 1 with Ableton LiveClip-launch matrix with tri-color lighting displays current clip status25 synth-action mini keys8 assignable knobs map to Ableton Live and control volume, sends, and moreShift button and directional arrows manipulate the scope of the gridDedicated Octave Up, Octave Down, and S..



Provides hands-on control of Ableton Live. 5x8 clip-launch matrix RGB feedback, 9 channel faders, 8 control knobs, 8 device controls, USB-powered and plug-and-play. Included: Ableton Live Lite with Puremagnetik Effect Racks, Hybrid 3 by AIR Music Tech, SONiVOX Twist, Prime Loops sample packs, and Toolroom Records artist launch packs..


Akai-apc mini

Ultra-portable all-in-one Ableton Live controller. 8x8 clip matrix tri-color lighting displays, 8 assignable faders 1 master fader, Shift button and directional arrows, USB-powered and plug-and-play. Included: Ableton Live Lite, Hybrid 3 by AIR Music Tech, and Toolroom artist launch packs ..



Compact Standalone MPC, No Computer required – natively powered by MPC2.0 DAW Software. 7” Full Colour Multi-Touch Display, also acts a control surface for MPC2.0 when plugged into a PC. 16 Velocity Sensitive RGB Pads, 4 touch-sensitive Q-Link Knobs, 2 x ¼” Jack Stereo Input, 2 x ¼”TRS Stereo Output, 1 x 3.5mm Stereo Headphone output. 1 x 5-pin MIDI inputs, 1 x 5-pin MIDI outputs, 4 x TRS CV/..



Fuses legendary MPC production with the processing power of your computer. Compact design, 16 backlit pads, eight pad banks, USB-powered, four touch-sensitive knobs. MPC SOFTWARE for Mac & PC 128-track sequencing, 7GB+ sound library + 2 MPC ExpansionsMPC 2.0 NOW INCLUDEDWe are pleased to announce that the critically acclaimed MPC Software 2.0 is now included with MPC STUDIO BLACK greatly enhan..


AKG Podcaster Essentials Pack

All-in-one podcaster kit featuring a USB condenser mic and studio headphones Lyra Multipattern USB Condenser Mic K371 Over-Ear, Closed-Back HeadphonesAbleton Live 10 Lite DAW SoftwareBerklee Online 4-Part Recording Course Perfect for podcasters and YouTube content creators, the AKG Podcaster Essentials offers all the tools you need to produce polished sound for y..


Alto ZMX52 – 5 Channel Analog Mixer

The ZEPHYR ZMX52 is a 5-channel mixer with all the essential inputs, outputs, and EQ for solo gigs and multimedia studios. It features one mono channel with a microphone input (with Phantom Power), balanced TRS input, and a two-band EQ. It also delivers two stereo channels with two balanced TRS inputs each. There’s even two-track inputs for things such as audio playback. The ZMX52 is the perfect c..


Apogee element 24 audio interface

Apogee's Streamlined 10 x 12 Thunderbolt InterfaceIf you record to your Mac with one or two inputs at a time, the Apogee Element 24 is for you. The Element 24 is a 10-in/12-out audio interface that takes the best of cutting-edge Apogee gear and packs it into a streamlined, cost-effective unit. The Element 24 gives you two front-panel mic/line/instrument inputs on combi connectors, two rear-panel b..



U-PHORIA STUDIO U-PHORIA STUDIO Complete Recording/Podcasting Bundle with USB Audio Interface, Condenser Microphone, Studio Headphones and MoreEverything you need for professional music production, digital home recording and podcastingGet a full recording studio “out of the box” including U-PHORIA UM2 USB audio interface, C-1 condenser microphone, HPS5000 studio headphones and moreAudiop..



Complete Recording/Podcasting Bundle with USB Audio Interface, Condenser Microphone, Studio Headphones and MoreLooking for the ideal way to express yourself? Ever dreamed of becoming a famous producer? Then podcasting is the answer and the U-PHORIA STUDIO bundle has everything you need to make high-quality podcasts, produce your own music and home recordings! Included in this incredible recording ..


Fluid f5 studio monitors (pair)

The F5 monitors not only sound great playing your favorite music files, they are extremely functional for mixing and more importantly, creating a mix that will translate to your car, your home hi-fi or any other system. The reason for this is the F5's well balanced frequency response-so you won't hear any one frequency higher or lower than any other - but also because they image so well.What is im..


Focusrite Clarett 4Pre Thunderbolt Audio Interface

Focusrite Clarett 4Pre Thunderbolt Audio Interface Focusrite's Clarett 4Pre 18-in/8-out audio interface is a powerful foundation for your studio or mobile recording rig. It sports four great-sounding Clarett microphone preamplifiers, an outstanding dynamic range, and ultra-fast, low-latency performance enabled by Thunderbolt. Clarett's magic starts as soon as you plug your microphones in — th..


Focusrite ISA Two - Stereo Mic Preamp

Two Channels Of Classic Focusrite Mic PresFocusrite's ISA Two brings together a totally independent pair of classic ISA microphone preamps from the original ISA 110 module, combining the best of traditional solid-state electronics with the original input transformer specified by Rupert Neve – the Lundahl LL1538.Each mic pre has the option of mic, line or the front-panel instrument input, with vari..


Focusrite Scarlett OctoPre - 8 channel Mic Pre with ADAT

**SHOP DEMO MODEL - MINOR SCRATCHES - COMPLETE SET - WARRANTY INCLUDED**Eight-Channel Mic preamp with ADAT Connectivity   Eight natural-sounding Scarlett mic preamps  Eight balanced line inputs  Focusrite precision A-D conversion up to sample rates of 192kHz  Dual front-panel instrument inputs THE SOUND OF SCARLETT - AND MORE OF ITScarlett OctoPre gives you eight addi..


Focusrite scarlett solo gen 3 studio vocal pack

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO RECORD GUITAR AND VOCALS AT THE SAME TIMEYou’ve found the simplest way to create incredible recordings of your music. Featuring the smallest USB audio interface we make, mic, headphones and all the cables you need to get started, Scarlett Solo Studio is ready to record every song you’ll ever write.✔ Our simplest Scarlett USB interface, featuring the best performing Scarlett ..



The C1 condenser microphone adopts precise circuit design and pure aluminium diaphragm vibration cartridge. It exhibits superb carded directivity characteristic and high sensitivity output, low noise and wide dynamic range. It’s widely used in stage, speech and personal recordings.Includes:1 x C1 Condenser Microphone1 x Shock Mount Mic Holder1 x Wind-proof cotton shield1 x Manual1 x 3 Meter, XLR-X..


Hybrid LSM-1 Live Streaming DSP Microphone

The Newest and Smartest Option for Live Mobile Streamingbrought to you by HybridWith its built in Digital Sound Processor, the LSM-1 is the perfect solution for your Singing, Live Streaming, Recording and Podcasting needs all in one smart, affordable device.Colour LCD ScreenMake use of the LSM-1s Colour LCD Screen to save all your favourite settings and recall them with ease.Noise GateThe noise ga..



PX-C5AThe ICON PX series active studio monitor system provides a smooth response that isaccurate and pleasant to listen to. Here are some of their main features:Compact and powerful with very precise sound reproduction.Two-way active studio reference monitor with ported tuned enclosure providing extremelyaccurate monitoring for a recording studio, post-production, and multimedia applications.1” si..



Professional Active 5" Studio Monitor * Input: AC220V * Max power: 70W * HF:1", LF: 5" * Response: 56Hz-22KHz * Max SPL@1m:100dB * Crossover Frequency: 2.8KHz * Connectors: XLR x 1, 1/4"JACK x 1..


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